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Our new collection just landed with loads of brand-new products. Check out new bikewear tech, innovative protection & fresh colorways. We can't wait to get ready to shred - see you on the trails?

Cordura® Inserts

Body_amplified technology

The Scrub line

With the new Scrub line, we bring personality to aggressive trails and freeriding. Scrub riders represent genuine camaraderie at the top level of the sport. The Scrub bikewear styles are developed based on the Body_Amplify_Technology (BAT ). Smart abrasion-resistant & extra durable materials provide extra durability for wild runs.

The new scrub line

We call it Body_amplified, you call it versatile – dive right into the Scrub line offering robust, abrasive resistant materials that still let you breathe. Taking it from the bike park to the trails.

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Bike Pants Scrub Amp BAT unisex - 900 black
2 Colors

MTB Pants Scrub Amp BAT

Highly durable & flexible


Gloves Scrub unisex - 898 grey
4 Colors

MTB Gloves Scrub

Breathable & flexible


Helmet Scrub Select MIPS EU/CE unisex - 900 black

MTB Helmet Scrub Select MIPS EU/CE

Lightweight protection for enduro/downhill, MIPS®system


Shoes Seek unisex - 010 aop
3 Colors

MTB Flat Pedal Shoes Seek

Versatile, ultimate grip


Bike Tee Scrub Amp LS men - 900 black
3 Colors
Sustainable Materials

Men MTB Jersey Scrub Amp Longsleeve

Fast-drying & durable, sustainable materials


ION Bike SS22 MTB Gloves Men
New mtb gloves

Scrub select

The Gloves Scrub Select are the perfect combination between lightweight and high durability for enduro & downhill-oriented riding. With a palm out of a super soft and sticky single piece, you'll get the most grip and control of the bar. A protective element on the two outmost fingers guards you against light impacts with trees, the dirt, or whatever may stand in your way. The Digital_Tips feature makes it easy to use your phone with gloves on.

ION Bike_Seek Women_Close Up
The Seek line

Take unordinary paths

Seek represents those who make every terrain their playgrounds. Fast-drying & functional materials packed into an urban design. The Seek lines contain by far the most recycled & organic materials in our range.

The new seek line

Functional materials while keeping it casual – that's the embodiment of Seek. Ready to tick off those tricks & destinations on your bucket list. With the Seek line, you are also dressed up for the bar after a day of riding.

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Bike Shorts Seek Amp men - 900 black
2 Colors
Sustainable Materials

Men MTB Shorts Seek Amp

Durable & versatile, sustainable materials


Helmet Seek EU/CE unisex - 900 black
2 Colors

MTB Helmet Seek EU/CE

Urban-inspired for BMX & Dirt


Gloves Scrub Amp unisex - 621 tidal green
3 Colors

MTB Gloves Scrub Amp

Breathable & durable


Knee Pads K-Pact unisex - black/900
3 Colors
Sustainable Materials

MTB Knee Pads K-Pact

Heavy-impact protection for enduro/downhill


MTB Flat Pedal Shoes Seek Amp

Ultimate grip & comfort with protection elements


Socks Bike short unisex - 900 black
3 Colors

MTB Socks Short

Compression fit


ION Bike_Home_Highlights_Body Armor K-Lite
Body armor

K-Lite / K-lite zip

ION's new K-Lite offers knee protection for enduro-oriented riding (EN 1621-1:2012 / L1). The removable K-L1 Lite pad provides more than just abrasion protection and handles light to medium impacts easily. The pre-shaped pad follows the natural form of the knee and offers an ergonomic fit. This is further enhanced by the Ergo_Strap on the backside. Strategically placed above the calf's main part, the velcro allows finding the perfect fit.

Body Armor Highlights

Knee Pads K-Lite unisex - 900 black

MTB Knee Pads K-Lite

Medium impact protection for enduro


Knee Pads K-Lite Zip unisex - 896 mud brown
2 Colors

MTB Knee Pads K-Lite Zip

Medium impact protection for enduro


Elbow Pads E-Lite unisex - 900 black

MTB Elbow pads E-Lite

Medium impact protection for enduro


Find your style

ION_MTB Riding Stylefinder_Traze_Allmountain-Enduro


All mountain / Enduro
Lightweight & highly breathable
ION_MTB Riding Stylefinder_Scrub_Enduro-Downhill


Enduro / Downhill
Highly durable & gravity-oriented
Downhill / Freeride
Surf-inspired & highly functional