ION Bike SS22 Bikewear Men


Making your way up at dawn or sticking new tricks on sunset sessions.

Battling winds and rain storms or scrubbing dusty trails.

Challenging yourself to maximum performance or hitting the dirt again and again.

No matter where you ride, your equipment has to keep up with your style, your bails, your achievements and expectations.

That’s why we focused on developing gear that is just made right for your riding style.

Find your style

ION_MTB Riding Stylefinder_Traze_Allmountain-Enduro


All mountain / Enduro
Lightweight & highly breathable
ION_MTB Riding Stylefinder_Scrub_Enduro-Downhill


Enduro / Downhill
Highly durable & gravity-oriented
Downhill / Freeride
Surf-inspired & highly functional
ION_MTB Riding Stylefinder_Shelter_Outerwear


Technical Outerwear
No more excuses - extend your bike season