We at ION believe that limits are defined mostly by an individual’s skills and passion. Wind and weather are barriers that we can overcome.  Therefore, we provide you with the gear to find - and exceed - your own limits. We support all of you in fulfilling your dreams and your desires on the water, on the slopes and in the air. But when our planet is not healthy, we are confronted with other insuperable limits. We see it as our mission to counteract this development by helping to keep the sea and the air clean and our earth healthy.


Shortening Distances

We are committed to bringing production and marketplace closer together while optimizing our global supply chain structure with new production sites in Europe. We are reducing ineffective logistics routes, CO2 emission through land transportation and follow standards with the help of certified suppliers in Europe.


Mission to minimize

We see it as our mission to minimize the environmental footprint with several efforts in all business areas. We contribute to this overall mission by processing leftover materials, reducing print materials and extend the overall product life cycle while developing high-quality sports gear which is designed for long-term use. Furthermore we are organizing the ION beach & trail clean days when communities rallied together with the common goal of collecting the trash littering their playground


Acting Eco Responsible

ION relies on the behavior and resources of several key partners who work to improve the way we build our products and conduct our business.

Acting with ecological responsibility has a high impact on how we are choosing our business partners.


We invest in sustainable packaging that over time reduces its environmental footprint. During an ongoing process we have now reduced our packaging materials to the bare minimum. As well we use 100% recycled materials for packaging and labels without laminate and gloss varnishes.


ION is continuously sourcing for new, innovative and more sustainable materials. We are committed to avoiding the use of harmful chemicals by opting for approved materials and suppliers. The majority of our fabric manufacturers are bluesign® and Ökotex 100 certified.
Clean Trail Days

Clean Trail Days 2022

Save our playgrounds

Join our worldwide Clean Trail and Beach Days,
kicking off from 01.05.2022 – 31.07.2022

As mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiast we feel connected to our mountains, local forest, oceans, lakes and rivers. To practice these sports that mean so much to us, we depend on our natural environment and in turn feel it is our responsibility to take care of it.    

The “Save Our Playgrounds” initiative ION, Duotone and Fanatic aims to protect and preserve our environment for future generations so they too will be able to enjoy the nature and the stoke of our sports.  

In 2022, we call on you to help us in a joint effort to save our playgrounds and clean up a minimum total amount of 25,000 pieces of litter. We have partnered up with Planet Patrol to track all global efforts of trash collected. We will raffle 2 x 1000 EUR vouchers to anyone who has registered their clean up via the app. 

How to join


Please use the free
Planet Patrol App
to record the amount of trash collected. You can download the app for free, register within a minute, select the Boards&More "Save our Playgrounds Mission" and start collecting trash wherever you are!  

Clean Trail DAys

Step-by-step guide

1. When you see litter, open the Planet Patrol app, take a photo and tag the type and brand of litter   

2. Record everything in the Boards&More Save our Playgrounds Mission on the free Planet Patrol app   

3. Separate what you pick up into recyclables and non-recyclables

4. Take pictures during and at the end of your Clean Beach Day of the trash collected and of your team and feel free to share these impressions with us via social media: #SaveourPlaygrounds, @ionactionsports, @ion_bike 

5. Ride clean trails

Clean Trail Days

During the clean up

The most important rule is to stay safe & healthy and comply with the current corona pandemic hygiene regulations of your location. Keep distance and wear a face mask if requested.

Clean up Tips

  • Please do not use single-use plastic bags to collect litter!  

  • Record everything in the free Planet Patrol app

  • Separate what you pick up into recyclables and non-recyclables 

  • Recycle what you can!  

  • Covid-safe clean ups: Comply with the current corona pandemic regulations or your location  

  • Take pictures and share them via social media and motivate/challenge your friends to also go out there and do good!  

    But most importantly: have fun & spread the word!  


    We feel it is our responsibility to take action and do what we can to save our playgrounds before it is too late. And we invite everyone to join us in this endeavour!  

    Thank you for your support!