If you can’t find a shop, that sells ION near you then try to locate your Distributor and e mail him. He will help you finding a shop near you. If your distributor is unable to help you, then got to and try to locate your Duotone distributor. It is very common, that Duotone and ION are distributed together, so you should try this. If that doesn’t help as well, you must be living on the moon.

We always give our best to manufacture the best wetsuits on the market, but sometimes a bad wetsuit skips our noses. If you bought a wetsuit that is not up to our quality expectations, you need to go to the shop, where you bought it. The salesman will then send the wetsuit back to his distributor, who may replace your old wetsuit with a brand new one.

Contact us to find the distributor responsible for your area.

We are very thankful for any comment on our product line. Please feel free to send us as much feedback on our wetsuits as possible. If we find you advice helpful, we will reward you for it.

First try and get started with your regional shop and build up a local recognition. Getting sponsored by a shop can sometimes lead to a local rep sponsorship. A local dealer will have the connections to help you get sponsorship if you are good enough. It also helps if you have a resume of contest results, other possible sponsors and a video of your riding to send to the distributor in your country. You can find all our distributors on the DISTRIBUTORS page here on our website.

Product Manuals


How to - spreaderbar


C-Bar 3.0 - How to change the hooks

The C-Bar 3.0 is delivered with Webbing Slider, but without hook

Step 1: Remove the three screws on the EVA pad

Step 2: Remove the placeholder

Step 3: Insert the hook of your choice from above between bar and pad.

Step 4: Tighten the hook with three screws

Step 5: Ready to shred!

Note: The placeholder removed in step 2 may be locked away. 


C-Bar 3.0 - How to change the hooks

C-Bar 3.0 - How to adjust the Webbing slider

Step 1: Pull the clamp out of the slot inside of the EVA pad

Step 2: Remove the screws of the clamp

Step 3: Move clamp position to your desired webbing length

Step 4: Attach clamp and tighten screws. Important: Do not turn the screw through the webbing, just pass it at the side.

Step 5: Stow the clamp and end of the slider back inside the pad

Step 6: Ready to shred!


How to remove the handle

Step 1: Rotate the metal buckle by 45 degrees

Step 2: Twist it & push it out of the metal frame


How to change the hook on the Spectre Bar

Step 1: Remove the three middle screws that secure the hook of the Spectre bar using a TX20 Torx

Step2: Remove the hook from the Spectre bar

Step 3: Put the place holder back into it's original position

Step 4: Add new hook to the Spectre bar

Step 5: Put the three screws back into their original position. Make sure the longest 20mm screw is in the center


How to install the webbing slider on the Spectre Bar

Step 1: Remove all five screws from the inside of your Spectre Bar using a TX20 Torx

Step 2: Carefully, remove the pad, flaps & hook

Step 3: Assemble the hook place holder

Step 4: Run the webbing slider through the Spectre Bar

Step 5: Cut the webbing slider to your preferred length

Step 6: If you are using a standard chicken loop, add the stainless steel ring. If you are using the Duotone Rope Kit you don't need the ring

Step 7: Place the aluminium bar on top of the webbing slider

Step 8: Put the screws through the aluminium bar & through the webbing slider. Secure tightly.

Step 9: Add the hook place holder, reassemble the flaps & secure everything with the screws. Make sure to put the longest screw in the center.


How to install the webbing slider + mini rope on the Spectre Bar

Step 1: Remove all five screws from the inside of your Spectre Bar using a TX20 Torx

Step 2: Carefully, remove the pad, flaps & hook

Step 3: Remove the front cover by pushing the two small plastic tabs on each side of the bar

Step 4: Replace the original cover the the enclosed replacement part

Step 5: Make a figure-eight knot on one side of the mini rope

Step 6: Run the mini rope through one side of the aluminium bar

Step 7: Now run it through one of the holes of the Spectre Bar

Step 8: Run the mini rope back through the other hole in the Spectre Bar. Secure it with another figure-eight knot on the inside

Step 9: Install the webbing slider according the instruction (see above)


How to remove the flaps on the Spectre Bar

Step 1: Using a Torx TX20 remove the two outer screws on the inside of your Spectre Bar

Step 2: Remove the flaps by pulling them downwards

Step 3: Put both screws back in and secure them tightly

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