ION Water Athletes

Our Athletes

We explore, we adventure, we seek thrills, we fail, but then succeed and set out to inspire others. Our team riders represent the versatility of water sports. Gusty winds, gnarly waves, harshest weather – our riders will adapt and always make it work. Get to know our athletes and follow their journey from deep barrels, huge megaloops, countless handlepasses to wingfoil sessions on unridden spots. No matter where we all share the same passion for stoke!


Catha Edin

Catharina Edin

Rita Arnaus

Liam Whaley

ION Water Athlete Gianmaria Coccoluto Profile Pic

Gianmaria Coccoluto

ION Water Athlete Gabi Steindl Profile Pic

Gabi Steindl

ION Water Athlete Paula Novotna Profile Pic

Paula Novotná


Andy Criere

Brianna Cope

Clément Roseyro

Craig Cunningham

Tom Court


Zac Haynes


Julia Castro


Matt Montoro

ION Water Athlete Noe Font Profile Pic

Noé Font


Lasse Walker

ION Water Athletes Loic portrait NB.jpg

Loic Deschaux

Dylan Groen

ION Water Marc Paré

Marc Paré

Wesley Brito

Stefan Spiessberger


Matchu Lopes

ION Water Athlete Guillermo Carracedo Profile Pic

Guillermo Carracedo

Ion Water Mikaili Sol Kite Profile

Mikaili Sol

ION Water Athlete Aaron Hadlow Profile Pic_BW

Aaron Hadlow

ION Water Athlete Dominik Gührs Profile Pic

Dominik Gührs


Pierre Mortefon

ION Water Athlete Jordy Vonk Profile Pic.jpg

Jordy Vonk


James Carew

ION Water Athlete Victor Fernandez Profile Pic

Victor Fernandez